Swami Select Cultivars 2022

Swami Select 2022 Cultivar Highlight

When you grow your own cannabis, one of the first decisions you make is whether or not to start from seeds each season. Some farms prefer to take “cuts” or “clones” from an enduring mother plant that was selected for that role due to expressing certain traits that the farmer deems favorable.

Here at Swami Select, we prefer to start each planting season by cracking and planting seeds from our favorite breeders.

Swami Select Humboldt Seed Company
Nikki & Swami with Nat Pennington of Humboldt Seed Company

Some cultivars are so special, we decide to bring them back for multiple seasons. Magic Melon is a great example, as is the Secret Samadhi pictured here, but each spring starts with seeds.

Swami Select Secret Samadhi

We appreciate the variety of different phenotypes that we get by starting from seed.

While 100 clones would produce 100 plants with nearly identical traits (and flavors and effects), 100 seeds – even 100 seeds of the same genetics – will each produce something slightly different than the next. Overall, terpene profiles and cannabinoid content will be similar, but the nuance is where the magic is!

How to Germinate and Plant Cannabis Seeds the Swami Select Way | How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors EP4

Just look at these two Secret Samadhi plants in this year’s garden. Nearing harvest time and the end of their growth cycle, notice the variation in colors! One plant is expressing a lot of purple while the other remained lime green.

Swami Select Secret Samadhi offering a perfect demonstration of how two different phenotypes can be expressed from the same batch of genetics.

Is one “better” than the other? That will be up to each individual consumer to determine based on their own needs and preferences but we are confident that they’ll both be great… in their own way!

Swami Select – Sun, Moon, Star … and Seed Grown!

Please enjoy some spectacular photos from our gardens as we near our fall harvest!

Swami Select Orange Turbo
Swami Select Orange Turbo

One of Frenchy’s favorite cultivars for crafting hash, we along with many other farmers across the globe are bringing Orange Turbo to harvest in honor of Frenchy himself as well as Django, the breeder, both of whom are amazing men and plant advocates who left us too soon.

Their legacy lives on in our Mendocino soil and we are so excited to have Frenchy’s protege, Belle, turn a portion of this harvest into the world’s finest hashish.

Swami Select Orange Turbo
Swami Select Orange Turbo
Swami Select Orange Turbo

Another farm favorite from seasons past, Swami Select Raspberry Parfait has been a fan favorite as well in 2022. Dispensaries from SoCal to the Emerald Triangle have been selling out of this tasty strain soon after it lands on their menu so we brought it back!

Bred by The Humboldt Seed Company, this cultivar is a real beauty. Uplifting, mind-expanding effects with a sweet berry flavor – a very unique blend of terpenes! A perfect all-day smoke makes Swami Select Raspberry Parfait a popular choice either before or after a long day’s work. 

Swami Select Raspberry Parfait

A cross of two distinct lines (Royal Kush and Trainwreck) gives Royal Highness from the Humboldt Seed Company its vigor and an ample terpene profile (Myrcene and Pinol dominant) fit for a king or queen. The skunky, pine/citrus aromas emanating from these plants now near the end of their cycle are invigorating.

Swami Select Royal Highness
Swami Select Royal Highness
Swami Select Royal Highness

As our days begin to grow shorter and the night air grows cooler, our plants reach their highest and best form, ready to be thoughtfully harvested and cured for next year’s delights. You can expect more updates as we harvest and you can expect to see fresh Swami Select flowers in your favorite dispensaries as we head into the new year.

We are grateful for your ongoing support!

-Swami Select team

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