Smokin’ With Swami

Countless hours of education and entertainment await…

Seshing with Swami in person is on many cannasseurs’ bucket lists. But the next best thing is to sit back, relax, and enjoy hours of original video content created by Nikki and Swami along with esteemed friends and guests as they all share their knowledge, experiences, and stories while sharing a joint and some lively conversation with one another and with you, our audience.

Featuring discussions with outlaws-turned-industry leaders, renowned cannabis cultivators, political figureheads, cultural artists, Swami Select certified farmers, and more, our video productions transmit the deeply held values of the cannabis culture and record our shared experiences for future generations.

As our present-day community continues to come out of the shadows and into the sunlight, it is increasingly important to preserve the integrity of our favorite plant and the culture at its roots.


Swami creates original videos, podcasts, and articles in the field of cannabis delivered digitally across multiple media platforms. Thank you for watching, reading, and listening.

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