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In the heart of California’s Emerald Triangle, Sun, Moon & Star Grown™ Swami Select cannabis is purposefully cultivated in native Mendocino soil.

Through our commitment to responsible, regenerative methods, we provide conscious connoisseurs premium flowers for medicinal and inspirational use.


As advocates of conscious cannabis usage, we believe medicinal ganja can be a healthful addition to one’s regular wellness routine.


Cultivated in living soil using regenerative farming methods, our Clean Green Certified cannabis is sun, moon and star grown.


Effective. Natural. Lab tested. Humans have farmed cannabis for 1000s of years for the treatment of ailments like pain, inflammation, nausea and anxiety. More therapeutic uses are discovered every year.

Swami Select Secret Samadhi

(Blueberry Muffin x Wedding Cake x Watermelon)

THC: 21.25%
Myrcene – Caryophyllene – Bisabolol

This cultivar from Humboldt Seed Co. was the 2021 BEST SELLING FLOWER for Ganja Goddess delivery. Inspired by the chart-topping rock band LIVE, the effect is of a creative Samadhi – union with the divine – which is a peaceful happy high that makes you smile and live in that moment. “An equanimous state of mind…” is how Swami describes it.

Swami Select Don Carlos

(Sour Diesel x Blackberry OG)

THC: 23.33%
Caryophyllene – Myrcene

Bred by Humboldt Seed Co. and the reggae legend Don Carlos, this cultivar stacked some dense, sticky, potent flowers. Its aromatic buds radiate with sour, fruity, and gassy notes, blooming in vibrant hues. A heavy-hitting hybrid with well-balanced effects, the Swami Select rendition of Don Carlos provides an uplifting and ethereal high.

Our Commitment to Quality

Swami Select premium estate cannabis is always grown outdoors in native living soil and full sunlight. We tend our plants using only organic, regenerative methods. Our years of experience have proven that the best buds typically come from smaller plants. Our plants are a friendly, natural size to be able to absorb nutrients and develop more florid terpene profiles and richer flavors.


Craft goods designed with an earth-friendly wellness lifestyle in mind. Inspired by the positive potential of sungrown organic cannabis to heal and inspire. Our online store is being stocked up with top-shelf gear now – check back soon!

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