The Only Thing Constant is Change: New Jars for Swami Select

Go with the flow – and do it with correct intention. These are both very important considerations here at Swami Select that help us with everyday decisions. Whether it is growing with regenerative techniques which feed the soil, packaging our flowers in eco-friendly jars and bags, or caring for our employees with respect, it is all-important as we try our level best to do good for our planet and Her people. 

For several years we have been proud to place our precious buds into the finest apothecary jars on the planet, made in France by a company called Miron. These ultraviolet jars only allow in positive UV light, which continues to cure and preserve any fine herbs. They have been used in France for generations by farmers who only want the best for their crops. 

While the jars appear black on the outside, when you hold them up to the light you can see they are actually a dark violet shade of blue. Where does that special blue come from? Cobalt. Where does cobalt come from? It has recently been brought to our attention that the vast majority of cobalt is mined by slave children in Congo on the African continent.

Cobalt is in so many everyday items, including your cell phone, your car, your computer, batteries and glassware. It really is hard to avoid it, but we can do our best to not use it as much as possible, and thereby help in stopping child slavery in Africa. The conditions these children live and work in are deplorable.

And so we introduce you to the new Swami Select packaging. We are so happy to be working with Treehugger Jars, which produces truly sustainable packaging. These jars are 100% curbside recyclable and made with 2-3x more recycled glass. The childproof lids are 100% Reclaimed Ocean-Plastic lids made by SANA. Both are award-winning companies for their eco-conscious products and we are proud to be using them for our flowers.

The new jars are clear but we are applying a black label wrapped around them to protect them from harmful light sources. The benefit is also that you, the consumer, can now simply lift up the jar to be able to view the flowers within through the clear glass. Many of our loyal customers had requested this so know that we do listen to your suggestions and take them very seriously.

We hope you are enjoying the re-branding of Swami Select, the slightly different logo (a softer gentler Swami!) and our updated website. Please remember to always feel free to recycle your glass jar and lids – and if you still have some of the old Miron jars, save them and reuse them for preserving any of your fine herbs. Considering the hard-earned sweat that went into mining the cobalt, they might as well be used, out of respect for those slave children. 

We will be unveiling the first new Swami Select jars at the Carnaval festival in San Francisco this coming Sunday, May 29th. If you are in the area, please come find us on Treat Alley between 16th and 17th Streets where the cannabis area of the event can be found.

Thank you for caring about our planet and Her people!

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