Survival Poem

The vultures are circling the cannabis world
they hover above, waiting to dive
to pluck a morsel from the hard working farmers
who labor so hard to stay alive

They say we have stashes of cash in these hills
The myth is just that, it is not true
When the black market thrived the farmers survived
But now what are so many to do?

There are growers sitting on hundreds of pounds
left from last season, no where to sell
They have plants in the ground about to flower
the life they have known is going to hell

It’s a sad situation when growers quit
the taxes and fees, it’s all just too much
the economics simply do not add up
while some retreat, others won’t budge

What will happen to those who stay illegal?
Sheriff and posse, when will they come?
Like sitting ducks just trying to farm
The old days are over, with no income

We are determined to somehow survive
Swami Select continues to fight
for the rights of the farmer who struggles so hard
To emerge from the shadows and into the light

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