My Mission

I have a philosophy of Life: It is basically all about moving stuff from one place to another. Whether it is physical stuff or psychic stuff or even just the days of the calendar, it’s all about moving them right along. Fear is generated from worrying about not having enough time to move everything we want to before the clock runs out. This is where Free Choice enters in, because we have the liberty to choose what stuff we move where, when and how – and that to me is ultimately how a Lifetime is lived.
When I was living in village India, I’d go to the marketplace and the choices were simple. In a way, that simplicity made life so much easier. There was no choice, one kind of scraggly carrot, take it or leave it. But then I’d return to California and enter a supermarket and be overwhelmed. I still am, really. My stress button goes off because now I have to actually decide which kind of Dijon mustard I’ll buy and move to my kitchen. Remember, it all gets back to simply moving stuff around. The question remains: Is the stress of choosing equal to the reward of having the best Dijon?
Right now, at this precious point in my lifetime, I am making new choices and they feel right. I find there is not nearly as much stress when it feels right. If I choose the bread with gluten, I have some stress because I know it’s not best for me. If I choose that good nut and seed bread that does cost more, I don’t feel so stressful because I know it will make me feel good. OK, got me there – Life is actually about TWO things: moving things around and Feeling Good.
On Saturday, the 4th of July, we marched in the Mendopendance Parade in the quaint village of Mendocino. I was honored to carry a big sign that proclaimed: “CANNABIS IS MEDICINE.” The positive response from the crowd was stunning and encouraging, especially from some super straight looking older folks, who clearly have been using cannabis as medicine. I found myself screaming out, “Save the small farmer! Protect the environment and the economy of our county! Let’s do it right folks and we will all prosper in health and wealth!” That is truly my message.
I am saying all this to justify my recent choice to focus primarily on Swami Select and promoting the future of sungrown organic cannabis all over the world. We have started in California, but this is a worthy message to spread across the globe, same as eating organic foods.
After some real soul-searching, what I feel is that while we can co-create new legislation to try and save the small farmer, if there is no community out there to realize the value of the small farmer’s product, what difference does it make? The public must be taught that organic sungrown is better for your body, better for the planet, and hence worth more than indoor grown cannabis.
This is my mission – to spread that word and help to create a market that recognizes the value of organic sungrown and is willing to pay for it. The choice I have made (primarily because there are just not enough hours in the day) is between being a proud founding member of the Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council and being the messenger of this word. I believe that working hand in hand with those on MCPC, EGA, and other organizations promoting this, can be the saving grace for the small speciality cannabis farmer.
To that end, I am choosing to commit more time to spreading the word to the San Francisco Bay Area folks first – it should be easy, considering how it is such a health-conscious demographic. Be it through events and Salons, lectures and writing, or even walking in parades – the time is now and I have the skills necessary. I believe I can help move the mindset of American cannabis connoisseurs to appreciate this specialty product, but first I have to Move myself. Oh, and have Fun too!

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