Inspirational Cannabis

For a while now, I have been promoting the use of the word Inspirational instead of recreational for cannabis use outside of a medical context. There are those, of course, who maintain that all cannabis use is medical. The contention is that any form of mood alteration, appetite stimulus or easing of symptoms is basically medical, especially considering all the prescription drugs out there which deal with these issues but have horrendous side effects.


On the other hand, there are those of us who understand that the power that fills this sacred herb is spiritual. This is the source of its healing power. This is why cannabis has been an integral part of human experience since the ice age and quite likely even before that. Archeologists have found numerous burial sites that, along with the revered remains of an ancient shaman, contain hollowed out stone bowls which have traces of cannabis resin in the bottom. This is evidence of the ritual and medicinal use of the herb.


Further, there is a very convincing argument that the main ingredient in Soma, the sacred libation of the Vedas in India in ancient times, was cannabis in the form of Bhang. So it would seem that human interaction with cannabis has always had a spiritual element.


For me, it goes back to the reason I started smoking in the first place: Inspiration. In the early days of the hippie era, I was a photographer artist. Toking up was a sure fire stimulus of the creative urge. The heightened sensory awareness that cannabis brings on inspires one to pursue one’s art.


As a matter of fact, I just rolled and lit one to get some inspiration to finish this column. This makes me think of all the poems, songs, paintings, sculptures, photos, novels which have been composed and created using cannabis. Think of clothing designed, gourmet meals prepared and eaten, parties decorated, dances performed. Think of walking in nature after smoking some Swami Select Sunny Girl. The heightened awareness of sight, sound, smell fills one with the spirit of Mother Earth, inspiring one to respond in creation.


All this is why most of us started smoking pot in the first place: to get high. And why we we continue to use the sacred herb as a spiritual ally. Stoned we feel more in tune with nature, more in tune with each other, more expressive and at the same time more receptive. Cannabis puts us in tune with Spirit. It truly is an Inspiration!

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