Swami Select
Premium Sungrown Harvest

Each Spring we thoughtfully select the cultivars that will be Sun, Moon, and Star Grown™ here in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino County. These selections are made to ensure that true cannabis connoisseurs will see a variety of cannabinoid and terpene profiles harvested by Swami Select each Fall, and on top shelves statewide throughout the following year.

Currently Available

2022-23 Harvest

Remember to scan the QR code on your jar of 2022-23 Swami Select flower for a chance to win a trip to visit our ranch in Mendocino County just before we harvest this year!

Blue Samadhi

(Blueberry Muffin x Wedding Cake x Watermelon)

THC: 21.25%
Myrcene – Caryophyllene – Bisbolol

This cultivar from Humboldt Seed Co. was the 2021 BEST SELLING FLOWER for Ganja Goddess delivery. The effect is a creative Samadhi – union with the divine – which is a peaceful happy high that makes you smile and live in that moment. “An equanimous state of mind…” is how Swami describes it. A Club Swami exclusive phenotype.

Orange Turbo

(Orange Creamsicle x Turbo Diesel)

THC: 24.26%
Pinene – Ocimene

MTG Seeds mixed their Orange Creamsicle with Turbo Diesel, creating large juicy buds with rich amber hairs that have a delicious aroma of oranges with a funky fuel kick. This sativa-dominant cultivar will get you inspired, motivated, and energized. Orange Turbo was Frenchy Cannoli’s favorite flower to make his famous hashish. Enjoy!

Sour Afghan

(Big Red x Blueberry NL/Sour Diesel)

THC: 31.33%
Caryophyllene – LimoneneMyrcene

Bred by Daniel Morford at Heartrock Mountain Farm. Tastes like soursop fruit – banana and pineapple with an acidic note – great all day smoke. The Big Red is a heritage cultivar from the “Jade” stock Daniel’s dad made by crossing a South America / Mexican with an Afghani. Sunflower yellow – energetic and creative!

Sphinx OG

(Lion’s Gate OG x Lemon Head)

THC: 32.04%
Caryophyllene – MyrceneLimonene

Bred by Daniel Morford at Heartrock Mountain Farm. Coated with full trichomes with big heads, lots of bracts  – smells very strong fuel-y and like new vinyl car seats – grinds up beautifully and rolls nicely – smooth smoke with the flavor of bitter lemon and mild geranium, thyme, and vodka – relaxed body & a stimulated mind!

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