VICELAND’s Weediquette “The Emerald Triangle” Episode Featuring Swami Select

In 2016, Swami Select was honored to welcome Krishna Andavolu and the Weediquette film crew to Ganja Ma Gardens in Mendocino County. In this Season One episode titled “The Emerald Triangle”, Krishna visited this region famous for the best cannabis in the world. While exploring the threat corporate interests presented the small farmer in the face of legalization, Krishna also enjoyed sampling some Swami Select flowers while touring the ranch. After the first few hits, he hailed it as, “the Dom Perignon of cannabis.”

The response to this segment of Weediquette has been huge – we continue to receive several responses to it every week, and we recommend you also enjoy viewing it.

This episode is available to watch on Amazon, iTunes and other streaming services. Check it out!















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