Sweet Cannabis Sleep

Maybe it’s one of those “age” things, but a good night’s sleep has become a real treat to me. After a hard day’s work, the thought of solid rejuvenation time is a dream … and only a dream for me usually. I could blame the one big fluffy cat who loves to lay territorially smack dab in the middle of my bed. Or the adorable yellow boy who comes and rubs his forehead into my forehead with all his might, like an atom smasher, while I sleep, his wet nose smearing kitty snot all over my sleeping face. Naturally, I love it.

Nikki & Frisco

I can’t blame manmade noises, such as car alarms or traffic, as we live in the middle of nowhere. If I hear anything, it is wind in the trees, crickets, or just the sound of silence – which can get quite loud if you really listen. Maybe that keeps me awake.

Thank the gods for cannabis tinctures and edibles. My favorites are Pure tinctures with an alcohol base – a good healthy squirt into a bit of water and drink it down – or a small 10mg
square of a Revive organic chocolate bar. Not every night, but maybe 3-4 times a week, I take one of them as I head to bed. Shortly thereafter, I’ll start to feel sleepy, the aches and pains in my body from the day’s work begin to fade away, and before I know it I am in deep blissful sleep. What a blessing.

This doesn’t mean my yellow kitty doesn’t still come and do the forehead smash thing around 4:20 am (maybe that’s what he is asking for!) but the difference is that I wake up, find myself smiling, give him a head smash right back, and then fall back to sleep. Meanwhile, the fluffy feline in the middle of my bed doesn’t have to move for hours, as I am calm and stationary, drifting somewhere in the Land of REM.

Hence, another reason I love this plant! Honestly, when I was a young flower child smoking pot to get high, I did not consider it “medicine.” It made me feel good, it made me laugh and have creative visions, but since it was so contraband, no one actually considered it to have beneficial merits. No more than than the Scotch my parents drank, anyways.

After a deep sleep, I awake refreshed and clear headed – no hangover at all. I’ve never been one for pain killer meds or sleeping pills, but I imagine they don’t leave you feeling fresh in the morning. I even know of two women up here in the hills of Mendocino who both needed hip replacements and the local hospital allowed them to only use cannabis as their analgesic medication. While recovering in the hospital, they hung the traditional board at the foot of their bed to show their meds schedule, but theirs was titled: HIGH TIMES. Pretty funny, and very accepting, I would say. Plus, the hospital reported they had never seen anyone heal as quickly as those two women did. Makes sense to me: heavy prescription medications may leave you feeling no pain but they slow everything down, including your recovery time. Using Cannabis instead speeded up the process of healing, naturally. Sounds good to me.

Sweet dreams to you all and thank you once again, my beloved cannabis plant.

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