Take Two – Swami Select Salon #2


What a difference a venue makes! Guests were literally “blown away” at last Friday’s second Swami Select Salon, this time in an amazing home right on Marina Boulevard in . Most of the smoke-sampling was done outside on the soaring deck overlooking the Marina Green and the Bay where the wind blew away the clouds to reveal a stunning sunset. Jude & Lucinda's table SSS 5_15_15

Stoners are troopers, and people eagerly braved the chill to enjoy the six strains available that night. Our offerings included Shakti Pot, Blue Dream/Pink Pineapple and Swami Sour Diesel. Jude and Lucinda from HopeSprings Permapharm featured their special CBD/THC strains with varying ratios, plus their BuddhaCann which placed in the Top 20 of The Emerald Cup last year. The blend was perfect, and judging by the elevated conversations all around, I would have to say “it worked.”

Downstairs in this multi-level home, designed in 1937 by Howard Hughes’ test pilot clearly for partying, was a kitchen full of tasty treats and drinks and another killer view. The people from Pax Vaporizers were there also, with a full set up on the table for people to give the new Pax 2 a try. It’s a very cool vape that takes flowers instead of oil, and guests seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

Meanwhile, back up on the roof deck, the resilient carried on, sampling and laughing and learning much about organic sun grown cannabis direct from us farmers. Once again, the give and take was rewarding to  Nikki and Swami on stairs SSS 5-15-15 - Version 2

both sides. For us Farmers, to be recognized and appreciated instead of hiding under the trees, is a real gift. We are so grateful for the folks from Flowkana, who understand the benefits on every level of sun grown organic cannabis vs. indoor with chemicals – what a perfect match it is!

That’s how we feel about it and clearly many of you agree. This is what a regular guest at Swami Select Salons wrote about it: “Thank you so much for the salons. I meet such interesting people, get to try out the new pax, smoke Swami joints with lots of smiling folks instead of smoking solo, and nibble tasty treats in spectacularly located houses and, most significantly, meet farmers who grow our plant spirit medicine.  I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to share your cannabis celebrations.”

The next Swami Select Salon will be held Thursday, June 11th, at yet another stunning venue in San Francisco. For more info contact nikki@SwamiSelect.com

It is truly our honor to share our medicine with you all!


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