Our Garden

Nestled in the mountainous woodlands of Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle is Ganja Ma Gardens. Here, we nurture sungrown cannabis with love and respect. This sanctuary and its sacred terroir are blessed with stunning natural beauty, fresh spring water, sparkling creeks, a lovely pond, vast meadows studded with ancient oaks and towering original growth Douglas Fir trees. The magic of this special place translates directly into our carefully-tended craft cannabis flowers with each fall harvest.

Swami Select cannabis is always grown outdoors in living soil and full sunlight. We tend our plants using only regenerative and responsible methods. Our years of experience have proven that the best buds typically come from smaller plants. At Ganja Ma Gardens, our plants are a friendly, natural size, evenly spaced in the formation of the Sri Yantra mystical diagram.

Employing proven techniques like hugelkultur and composting, our robust plants are better able to absorb nutrients and develop more florid terpene profiles to produce richer aromas and flavors, and stacked cannabinoid profiles for potent effects.

There is so much more to great cannabis than just THC, though our plants pack plenty of that, too! We seek quality over quantity and ensure our community always receives a full spectrum cannabis experience.

We have developed and bred some of our own strains, but we primarily select and plant cultivars created by other top breeders in Mendocino County and other reaches of the Emerald Triangle. Every cultivar we grow is suited to our climate and altitude – the terroir unique to our appellation.

Cannasseurs seeking pure clean flowers, florid terpene profiles, densely delicious buds, and the highest environmental standards know to seek out Swami Select.


Clean Green Certified

We are very proud to have been certified for growing with pure organic methods by the Clean Green Certified program since 2011.

The Clean Green Certified program was created in 2004 as a way to regulate legal cannabis products that called themselves “organic”, and developed a program to help farms and products obtain a sustainable certification based on national and international organic, sustainable, and regenerative programs.

Clean Green is the longest-running, largest, most award-winning organic & regenerative cannabis certification program in the world, recognized globally.

Clean Green growers & processors have won more awards than any other cannabis certification program globally. Clean Green Certified helps Farms, Processors, and Products continue to win and place in competitions, continuing the legacy since 2004.

DEM Pure Certified

Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM Pure), which recognizes cultivators who set the standard of regenerative sustainable farmers, has also certified Swami Select since 2017.

A DEM Pure Certificate redefines what the Cannabis industry sees as pure, clean medicine. Cannabis has had many generations of being demonized, ostracized, and misunderstood.

We are now out of prohibition with a wonderful opportunity to create our own standards and expectations on how medicine should be treated, grown, and perceived. A Pure certification involves education and the highest of beyond regenerative gardening standards with nature as a guide.

This certification is an agreement, a mutual understanding of true health, and a commitment to safeguard the integrity of this master plant’s reputation. This commitment is sought after and given to gardeners that are already on the path of ecological regeneration, growing of high-quality healthy medicine and food, and education to the next generation of healthy cannabis growers.

Having a DEM Pure cert recognizes that a farmer is utilizing solely regenerative and biologically intelligent practices. We are acting as a steward to the land, soil, plants, and the humans that are part of the cycle of natural health.

A DEM Pure certified farmer is giving back to the community through education, sharing ideas, and encouraging an expansion of knowledge to those that are just learning. They are leaders and teachers of beyond regeneratives that use nature as a guide for his/her techniques.

OCal Certified

Swami Select is now OCal Certified by the State of California.

OCal is a statewide certification program that establishes and enforces comparable-to-organic cannabis standards. The OCal Program will ensure that cannabis products bearing the OCal seal have been certified to consistent, uniform standards comparable to the National Organic Program.

Now that’s certifiably and regeneratively cool!

At Ganja Ma Gardens, regenerative farming is everything. We tenderly care for the natural environment at each stage of production. Our farming practices support biodiversity and our expert curing and packaging techniques ensure consistent quality from our farm to your home.

Further still, we engage with the community online, at events, and at political gatherings. We believe that by sharing our many years of earned experience with all, we can help sustain the continued blossoming of the cannabis movement.

Sun, Moon & Star Grown™, at Swami Select we make the most of our region’s natural gifts. Our sophisticated methodologies led Krishna Andavalou, host of Viceland TV’s Weediquette, to hail Swami Select as “the Dom Perignon of cannabis.”

Relax and enjoy our inspirational flowers and know they are grown using zero petrochemical fertilizers or additives. Rest assured, each plant is tested for pathogens, terpenes, and cannabinoid levels, creating ganja that is a healthful and enjoyable addition to your regular wellness routine.

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