Ode to Spring

Ode to Spring
A Poem by Nikki Lastreto
Sitting here smoking a fatty with Swami
the shadows grow long on a sunny spring day
Winter, once again departed
What a joy to watch the wildflowers grow
swaths of brilliant colors across the emerald green
and with each dawn the birds do wake me
from dreamy slumbers in distant realms
The creeks are full and wildly rushing
after years of drought, they are hope manifest
summer will be bountifully lush
We live with critters, big and small
all around us in these far away forests
and we share the bounty of the land
and thank all of them who came before us.
Little sprouts of new life appear everywhere
the tips of the oaks, or the starts of cannabis
Soon the gardens will be dancing
The daylight lasts longer til each evening’s star
and our bodies unfold from winter’s embrace
We stretch to the light, with hands in the soil
and welcome the season of Life in the Sun.

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