Going with the Flow

Everyone was feeling the flow last Thursday when eager Bay Area patients gathered to sample some of the finest cannabis from Mendocino’s 2015 harvest. Once again, the sweet and symbiotic “joint” effort between Swami Select and FlowKana came together for an evening of consciousness raising about cannabis and creativity. The unique venue added extra sensory delights to the Salon/Sampling/music and art installations.


It was like morphing into a whole other reality upon entering the simple door and climbing the painted steps up and into the classic rambling rooming house built right after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco’s SOMA district. We knew it well in its previous incarnation as the outrageously and artistically unique Anon Salon space in the 1980 and 90’s that was famous for its colorfully wild parties. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it was to see the tradition continue with the Merchants of Reality, a collective of young artists, who clearly share the same bohemian spirit that has been part of San Francisco since the Gold Rush.


Swami and I set up our farm table in the same room as Frenchy Cannoli, who was displaying his fine artisanal hashish, alongside the folks from VapeXhale. As an extra special treat, Frenchy crafted some temple balls from Swami Select Black Lime and Qleaner, for the full effect of being able to enjoy the hashish and the flowers it came from. Unfortunately, Leo Stone, CEO of Aficionado Seeds, was unable to attend because he broke his foot the day before – such is the life of a farmer! His lovely sister Belle, who is Frenchy’s assistant in training, filled in for the Stone family.


The room was buzzing with very high energy all night as people sampled and educated their palettes on several varieties of featured strains. Our talented budistas, Cassie and Blake, recommended that people start on our Qleaner for a mild uplift, progress to the Black Lime for a full punch of flavor and attitude adjustment, and finish off with some Swami Sativa to keep them wide awake to enjoy some music in the entertainment room or maybe a visit with the Water Man in the room all about H2O. The evening was, after all, about being In The Flow.

Keeping things mellow, a member of the Merchants of Reality collective was offering relaxing massages in the quiet room. Another room was dedicated to a display about the history of the building itself with antique photos and accompanying stories and some artifacts from the start of the 20th Century. What a delight it was to get elevated with the farmers and then move on through all the varying experiences in the house. It was a Salon with accompanying mini-side shows of artists painting and exhibitions to tease your sensibilities. There truly was something for everyone!


As we enter this new year of 2016, more than ever we find the need to gather and share the knowledge and the joy this sacred plant has to offer us. Once again, as a farmer and cannabis activist, I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to come together with the patients who will be so benefitted by the girls we grow. The circle is complete … as it should be.


Photos by Amy Carr, www.amycarr.com

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