Getting Hipper

I am actually writing this a few days ahead of the published date – as on the morning of Monday, September 19th I will be knocked out on a hospital table getting a new hip. It’s about time! The pain has been pretty chronic for years now, and without cannabis as my friend, it would have been unbearable. Cannabis plus walking – the exercise kept it loose enough to get by for several years. But now it is bone on bone, all the cartilage is gone, so the time has come.

I’ve never stayed in a hospital before. I never had a child, and knock on wood no other incidents worthy of an overnight stay. Lucky me, there is a brand new hospital in the town of Willits, an hour from our ranch, and the chief doctor there specializes in knee and hip replacements. I know I will be in good hands and am taking all the necessary precautions to prepare. These include borrowing a walker and practicing lots of new exercises to learn how to walk again post-op. They also include filling up a bag with all the best cannabis potions I can muster to get me through. The plan is to go directly to cannabis once I come out of general anesthesia and to avoid taking any opiates. I may succumb to some Tylenol and I don’t intend to be a martyr, but it’s worth a try.

The older I get the more I see the need for a balance of medical disciplines in one’s life. If you get hit by a truck, chances are you’ll want to go the regular hospital right away instead of a homeopathic clinic. If you come down with cancer, perhaps a blend of western and cannabis/alternative methods is best. If it is a nerve problem, acupuncture and cannabis may be the ticket. We are blessed to have so many choices in our medicine chest, and as long as we know what to use when, it seems to work.

More and more uses for medicinal cannabis come to light every week it seems. The most recent discovery this week, was passed on by a You Tube viewer. Check out to learn about the medicinal uses for cannabis roots. So basically, every part of the plant has some sort of beneficial quality. No wonder it has been around for so very long, for thousands and thousands of years.

I am proud to be a guinea pig for cannabis. Stay tuned, I will report from hospital about how well it is going, might even do a video – all for the sake of science. If I can help convince even a few people that opiates are not necessary for pain, it is so worth it. I have nothing against opiates in the right circumstance, but if they can be avoided it is usually best. Wish me luck!

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