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Our Founders

Nikki & Swami – “The Cannabis Couple”

Together Nikki and Swami make a team of expert flower judges in The Emerald Cup since it founding in 2003 and proudly present the awards at the annual Cup ceremony. They are also the co-directors of Ganja Ma Gardens Collective, and are actively involved in forging future legislation for specialty cultivators in Mendocino County. They have known one another since 1969 in various incarnations as friends, spouses, spiritual brethren, and business and land partners.

Cannabis consciousness is on the rise and Swami Select is here to help guide the connoisseur in discovering the multiple dimensions of this sacred healing plant. While acceptance grows for the medicinal and inspirational uses of cannabis, and corporate interests pour in, it is increasingly important to preserve its integrity.

Swami Select aims to raise awareness of the benefits of sun-grown organic cannabis and to maintain its position as the highest quality cannabis available. Just as we strive to eat organic natural foods, ingesting organic sun-grown cannabis betters our personal health as well as the well being of our planet. In today’s changing culture, specialty cultivators such as ourselves are proud to share our knowledge and stories with you, the connoisseur.

Nikki Lastreto

Nikki Lastreto was born in the right place at the right time to be a flower child in San Francisco in the Sixties. After years of being the Ultimate City Girl, working at The San Francisco Chronicle and KRON-TV, Nikki dropped out and traveled the world, living primarily in India. After several years, she returned to San Francisco and made her way up to the hills of Mendocino County. Now, as founder of Swami Select, she fosters the growth of lab-tested, ethically grown craft cannabis.

Swami Chaitany

Aka “The Swami of Pot” (Rolling Stone Magazine), is a radical classical: he started his life as an East Coast academic and now in his early seventies is a West Coast Cannabis Holy Man. A self-described “original hippie,” Swami moved to San Francisco in 1967. He went on to live in South America, Europe and India for many years, settling eventually in Mendocino County, California, the heart of the Emerald Triangle. Swami is a well-known figure on the music festival scene and offers teachings and discourses on spirituality.