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Welcome to Ganja Ma Gardens, Home of Swami Select

Nestled in the mountainous woodlands of Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle is Ganja Ma Gardens, where our estate quality cannabis is nurtured with love and respect. This sanctuary is blessed with stunning natural beauty, fresh spring water, sparkling creeks, vast meadows studded with ancient oaks and towering original growth Doug Firs. The magic of this sacred place is what makes every one of our carefully tended and pesticide-free cannabis flowers extra special.

Swami Select Estate brand cannabis is only grown from seed, in full sunlight, and with organic, regenerative methods using living soil. Our years of experience have proven that the best plants are generally sweeter when smaller, with flavors and terpene profiles tending to be richer and more developed. Thus, our plants are a friendly, natural size. We go for quality, not quantity, to ensure the tastiest product. We have developed and bred some of our own strains. We also use seeds bred by other top breeders in Mendocino County. All our seeds are suited to our climate and altitude. We are proud to be growing in the Bell Springs Appellation of Mendocino, which is known for producing some of the finest cannabis in the world. Sun, moon, and star grown, we make the most of our region’s natural gifts. That is why Krishna Andavalou, host of the Weediquette show on Viceland TV, hailed Swami Select as “the Dom Perignon of cannabis.”

We look towards the future at Ganja Ma Gardens, through our care of the soil and the environment on every level, and also via our educational outlets where Swami shares wisdom. Our farming practices support biodiversity and our expert curing and packaging techniques ensure a consistent quality from our farm to your home. Swami Select Estate Grown sophisticated and inspirational cannabis is cultivated, cured, hand-trimmed, and packaged in violet UV-friendly jars, always with conscious care and love. Cannaisseurs seeking pure clean flowers, florid terpene profiles, densely delicious buds, and the highest environmental standards know to look for Swami Select.

Relax and enjoy our flowers, knowing they are grown using zero petrochemical fertilizers or additives. Rest assured, each plant is tested for pathogens, terpenes and cannabinoid levels, creating ganja that is a healthful and enjoyable addition to your regular wellness routine.