Coffee & Cannabis

Not quite two hundred years ago, a not so famous contemporary of Karl Marx, Ludwig Feuerbach, discovered the profound truth that “You are what you eat!” Actually it sounds better auf Deutsch: “Man ist was man isst.” Which plays on the German “ist” (to be) and “isst” the third person singular of “to eat”.


If that is the case, then I am made up of cannabis and coffee, since those are the only two things I ingest daily. Some of you may know that I have a severely restricted diet. Of course, I am a vegetarian, but also dairy free, gluten free, garlic and onion free. I remember reading somewhere that your blood regenerates in 10 days and all the cells of your body replace themselves in about 7 years. Which means that if you switch to vegetarian food, after 7 years you would have a body made up of vegetables, that is to say vegetable protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.


But for me, the mainstay is cannabis and coffee because the two together are a magnificent stimulus to the brain. Visitors to our ranch often remark on how delicious my morning brew is. However, I do not smoke while I am drinking my coffee. I wait until the cup is empty before lighting up, because smoking anything changes the flavor of the coffee. And I am rather fanatic about the taste of my coffee, so nothing should interfere with savoring the flavor of my favorite dark roast.


So the normal routine is to eat my granola while I read the paper, or the New Yorker, or whatever book I am into if there is no paper. Then I move to the living room library to savor my coffee and finish reading the paper. Only then do I light up and ponder the day’s activities.


By now my mind is buzzing around, because the cannabinoids are attaching to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, and the caffeine has stimulated the blood circulating to the brain, bringing fresh oxygen. Thoughts are cycling around and spiraling up as different sectors of the mind click in. Further, different chakras are stimulated as each of the lower five is associated with a sense organ. Particularly the third chakra, which collects the data input from the several sense organs, is mobilized since cannabis heightens one’s sensory awareness.


The caffeine, meanwhile, somehow energizes the verbal centers in the brain and words come tumbling out as conversation flows and ideas pop up, circle around, mutate and transform in the saying or in the writing.


Mind you, I do restrict myself to two cups a day, one after breakfast and one after lunch which means I get a good night’s sleep. But then again, there are the occasional late night parties when the combined stimulus of coffee and cannabis is enough to keep me awake, get me high and inspire some midnight dancing. Then back in my library, with a group of friends and another phatty in my hand, it is time for some pre-dawn philosophizing. This is inspirational use of Cannabis and Coffee.

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