And So It Goes

Well, we finally got the battery out of the tractor by cutting the bolt on the cable and the bolts on the metal plate holding it in. Then on the way back from the City, I bought a new battery at the John Deere Store in Santa Rosa. After the new battery was installed with new bolts, Brandon had fun mowing the meadow. On Sunday, a week late, I was finally able to dig out the septic tank with the front loader.
Today’s plan, as Nikki reminded me the night before, is to write a blog for the regular Tuesday posting. It’s already late. The day started with silence in meditation. After breakfast, as soon as I sit to write this blog, there is an interruption every few minutes. The plants around the house need watering, Nikki tells me. It needs to be done before the sun gets too high. “Can we use the grey water? You  said it was ready to go,” she points out.
So I go outback to show a young helper named Haley how to water from the grey water tank. It hasn’t been used since last year and the lower sump pump doesn’t work. I send Haley back out front to use the regular house water for the task. There is plenty of it after the heavy rains this year. Meanwhile, I remember the other day I spotted behind a shed another sump pump that had been retired from a different application. It just needs to have an adapter fitting to go from the 1½ inch black tube to the 1¼ inch. Eureka! There just happens to be that exact reducer fitting in my pile of plastic plumbing parts and a couple of the right size hose clamps. Before I hook it up, I plug it in to make sure it works and get sprayed with very aromatic grey water. Darn! Now I have to change my clothes. In the back of my mind I’m still thinking about that blog, but now it’s finally time for the morning joint, after I put in a load of laundry and check in on what fermented plant juice concoction Cassie is brewing up.
Just as I sit down to write again, Emma, another helper, wants to know how to hang up the vanity mirror for the outside shower. This necessitates a trip to the barn to get the right screws. Back at the computer, another few sentences are written when Lucas comes in: “Swami, if you rip the 2 x 6 to 3¼ wide, I can put the last replacement board in the trailer deck.”  So I plug in the  220 circuit for the table saw, head back to the barn, rip the board and show him how to relieve the sawed edge with a small block plane.
On with the blog, but before I can really settle in the get some words down, there’s a detailed discussion of the set up for the upcoming family reunion. Three of the tents still don’t have mattress frames. (We’re into Glamping here, and Nikki has a ball decorating each tent differently.) I was supposed to have that done yesterday, but had to go to Ukiah to take the truck in to have the power-steering and the front end fixed, for a cool $3600, that was not in the budget. Before I can get to that, Lucas comes in to say good-bye. He has put in the last board on the trailer, and is ready to take off on further adventures, so there are hugs all around. Then Cassie wants to show Nikki and me all the fresh flowers she cut earlier in the morning to make more fermented plant juice brews. They are in beautiful arrangement on the kitchen table.
I spend about an hour and a half on the bed frames because I have to drill some holes the get the screws to fit right. It just doesn’t go easy. Finally the bed frames are fixed and the mattress/box springs are in place, so it’s back to the blog. What? It’s 3 o’clock already? No wonder I’m hungry. After a quick lunch, a cup of coffee and a joint, on to the laptop for another sentence or two before a couple of visitors stop by to say hello and then the FedEx delivery truck brings some rugs Nikki ordered. Now it’s Cole’s turn. He needs some help with car repair, screwing his damaged hood with some lag bolts.  
What was it I had planed for today? It doesn’t really matter because the flow of events and energy will determine more about what is to be done than any man-made plan I may have. Go With The Flow, is the only way it works. The astrological configuration of the moment, in conjunction with one’s karma, are the determining factors. So I better finish this blog, which was supposed to be done by this morning, so I can hang my laundry, study up for the talk I will give at the Enchanted Forest Festival this weekend, read the proposed state regulations concerning required cannabis testing and greet the visitors who just arrived from Florida. And so it goes.   

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